Week 1

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  1. Suzanne said:

    These are so great!! And such a great idea! xo

  2. Such a cute idea. Excited to see what you bring here each week. Congrats on making this happen, Ladies. xo PQ

  3. Shawna said:

    Coming from Tara Whitney’s page. I love this idea! I can’t wait to check back each week!

  4. Camille & Natalia said:

    This is so lovely and what an amazing collection of so talented photographers! Can’t wait to see what you will create each week!

  5. Katy said:

    So much talent in one spot, I can’t wait to follow along

  6. Breanna said:

    These are all so incredibly gorgeous- what an amazingly talented group!!

  7. Amy said:

    LOVE this idea! Can’t wait to see their photos each week and follow their journey through 2013.

  8. leela said:

    gorgeous! can’t wait to follow along. great idea.

  9. Amy said:

    Oh my word. Such beauty. An amazing collaboration of amazing talents! Love it already.

  10. Jen said:

    OMG I love this idea…awesome idea and wonderful snap photoging mamas. :)

  11. Kelli said:

    I love this! The one with the dog and the girl is so sweet.

  12. Rachel said:

    Just one more person in awe on the beauty here.

  13. Ann said:

    What a beautiful series! Thanks for sharing it with us readers : )

  14. Katrina said:

    These are so absolutely beautiful! Every single one.

  15. Zadin said:

    This is such a great idea. They are so natural beautiful.

  16. Deanna said:

    Yep, I am in love. Moving it to the top of my feed :)

  17. Jennifer said:

    So inspiring! I can’t wait for each post.

  18. Margo said:

    Love the idea…Follow some of you Instagram and looking forward to each post!

  19. What I love most about this collection of Instagrammers/parents is that they’re all so honest. Very well curated group of people.

  20. Joanne Shuck said:

    This is so darn awesome! love love love all the pics in here :)

  21. mrs moss said:

    What a lovely idea. can’t wait to see the weeks unfold. beautiful stories of childhood. well done.

  22. Elizabeth Leyva said:

    Beautiful work!! Love!! :-)

  23. Ana said:

    Great work! I admire what you do. Keep it up!

  24. this is a wonderful project. i love seeing the different styles right next to each other.

  25. Michelle said:

    I am loving every single picture… it almost shows these kids in an adult light.. since they are alone in the frame. i’m in love with it all.

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