Week 3

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  1. these are so lovely, with a different feel than last week. beautiful work.

  2. Maaike said:

    another great collection! Love them all, but the nail polishing one is a killer… keep up the good work ladies, you are amazing. xx Maaike (creJJtion on IG)

  3. do you all give each other a general theme, or are these just whatever photo you feel represents the week the best? either way, the combination feels seamless.

    • there are no themes. each photographer just captures one portrait of their kid(s) every week!

  4. photographybyjaana said:

    i’m so in love with this whole project!

  5. Breanna said:

    Love all of these & this project- just beautiful!!

  6. darcie said:

    I am SO inspired by all of you!!!!!!!!!!

  7. taina said:

    i simply adore this project. your photos had me at week one, and now at week three i’ve fallen in love with the idea, it keeps dancing around in my head. i’m already doing a personal 365, but this would be worth considering, this is so inspiring <3 so thank you! :)

  8. Ann said:

    I love how all these photos fit together so well even though they’re taken by a different photographer.

  9. Jen said:

    love the hat and eyes shot and then further down the b/w with tears…precious images

  10. Suzanne said:

    These are wonderful. A grand collection of talent and artistry.

  11. I absolutely adore your site! What a wonderful collective of artists. Your work is stunning!

  12. each and every one of your photos are so incredibly stunning—-what a wonderful documentation of memories you’ll have at the end of your littles. so glad i stumbled across your work, truly beautiful and inspiring :)

  13. Oh I love this series so much. thank you thank you thank you. more more more. no pressure.

  14. This is an incredible project-it has been the highlight of my last few weeks. The photographs are stunning and so inspirational!

  15. MelissaF said:

    The little one painting her toes…amazing!!

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