Week 4

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  1. Great images this week.

    I especially love the one of the little boy looking out the window along with his toy animals.

  2. Cassie said:

    Gorgeous photos, folks. I look forward to these every week. So very inspiring.

  3. Jen said:

    the dog and the child…oh my and the image with the child in bed and the other under a sheet–totally reminded me of sally mann’s work. gorgy.

  4. Sara said:

    I get so excited when Tuesday rolls around. Honestly, these are so inspiring, so full of life and energy and wonder.

    Well done, people.

  5. onsanity said:

    love this idea, so wish I could be a part of it! what is the plan, do you have an end date or are you just going to see where it takes you?

    boy and the dog, best.photo.ever

  6. jen harr said:

    Just got wind of this project via IG lovies I follow. Awesome take on their kiddos.

  7. Ann said:

    I never want this series to end! Ever week is like a treat for my eyes : )

  8. This is so beautifully curated. Every image is a masterstroke of emotion. So lovely.

  9. Alison said:

    These are incredible….seriously. I am speechless.

  10. suzyb said:

    all of these are lovely. though my favorite is the one of the baby & little puppy with the big sad eyes on the bed.. ha so cute!

  11. MelissaF said:

    The little girl looking through the kaleidoscope touched me this week! Sums up the awe and wonder of childhood for me. What great memories you each are preserving. It’s a joy to look through them all.

  12. Jodie said:

    so many of these make my heart go pitter patter…

  13. joline said:

    LOVING these! Its hard to pick a favorite, they are really all just SO good!

  14. Megan said:

    I wish there were videos to go along with some of these photos. Do photographers act as insane as regular people when they take photos of their kids? “C’mere, honey, sit right here for a second…. now look at me….no, not the cheesy smile, just a regular smile… no, over here… this will just take a second… ooops, come turn a little so I can get the light just right… now look at me…. I know you want to play and we can go back to playing in just a minute…. just want to take a picture to send to grandma…. now look at me… no, not the cheesy smile…..” I exhaust myself– can only imagine what my kid is thinking. :)

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