Week 10

klodjana_dervishi_MG_1952 IMG_6630YAMW9v2 kgerhard-yamw-10 _MG_4140IMG_3809wild --week 10.2-152 Week Blog-28spinningRyanMarshall-YOUAREMYWILD-WEEK10kdimoffphotography yamw10 (1 of 1) yamw10 Big Bend Camping Trip IMG_8266

  1. Mathilde said:

    Love #5!!! Lovely job, as usual!
    I am so looking for your posts every Tuesday! :)

  2. Cassie said:

    I look forward to these each week, and am never disappointed. Lovely, lovely.

  3. kirstin said:

    I love all the splashes of yellow!

  4. I love this blog. These photographs convey stories without the need of words. So beautiful.
    Already looking forward to next weeks post !

  5. suzyb said:

    LOVE! I think my favorite this week is the little girl with the hose, love the colors and composition xo

  6. Suzanne said:

    This week’s edition is a wonderful mixture of happy energy and repose. Love it.

  7. These are sublime… definitely my favorite week in the series so far.

  8. alana said:

    this is such a neat project. images are all beautiful!

  9. Ali M said:

    This is my favorite week! I love, love the photos, light and joy in these photos!

  10. These pictures are so precious! Thank you for starting this project! Children are the gold of the earth.

  11. Chris said:

    I love the pictures from the eyes of the parent. Kids playing together by a shore from a distance (parents love a chance to let the children play away from them for a bit). A view of the daughter’s dirty knees after chalk drawing (where is the first place parents look after chalk drawing: the drawing or the dirt? Obviously the dirt commands the attention first every time). The toddler laying on the couch from above (checking on baby while walking past). These are the pictures scream the things parents see on a daily basis. Parents relate to those vantage points.


    • Chris said:

      The overall look to this site is awesome. I love the use of whites and other neutral colors in design. The only thing is that the font is kind of difficult to read. The letters tend to get lost together since they’re so thin. A darker color or serif font might help that. I love the design altogether and I’m not trying to pry, I just thought I’d see if I could help.

  12. Tressie said:

    This is a beautiful project, love it!

  13. Brianna said:

    This is just breathtaking!!! So glad I came across this. Thanks for being so inspiring!

  14. Hannah said:

    I don’t know how I keep losing track of this, but I’ve been obsessing over lifestyle photography lately and I am in love with these posts. You are all so inspiring! Beautiful work.

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