Week 12

IMG_9509IMG_5017fiona_fieldYAMW huge oak tree, anjebridgeYAMW12 copyRyanMarshall-YOUAREMYWILD-WEEK1252 Week Blog-49IMG_2491klodjana_dervishi_MG_3407kdimoffphotography yamw12yamw12_MG_4678wild -- week 12.5-1kgerhard-yamw-12

  1. I’m loving this so much. SO much. It’s perfect <3

  2. vlevans said:

    The tenth photo looks like a dream, lovely. And the B&W of the seventh is also perfect.

  3. Laura said:

    Cow girl boots, a colourful swimsuit and a crown – what a perfect outfit :) And I hope the photo of the two little people under the cherry blossoms get printed out big and hung up on a wall. It’s an artwork!

  4. Jessica said:

    oh these pictures are too cute for words.

  5. All beautiful, but holy Kati Dimoff! Sprintime epitomized in a whole lot of beauty and cuteness!!!

  6. Alicia said:

    The picture of the little girl in her bathing suit wearing a paper crown while swinging a bat is perfect! I so wish I had a shot of one of my daughters like that :)

  7. I absolutely love seeing a new post each week! All the pictures are stunning and each tell a story in their own way. Just beautiful! Thank you!

  8. Nothing much to add, but just thought you should know that I smile every time I check into your blog. Thank you for sharing. :)

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