Week 13

chipmunk IMG_4211kdimoffphotography yamw13kgerhard-yamw-13klodjana_dervishi_MG_1502tarawhitney_yamw13img_4240_MG_5107YAMW13YAMW13copywild -- week 13-1CJ and his marker tatoos52 Week Blog-55RyanMarshall-YOUAREMYWILD-WEEK13

  1. Merel said:

    There’s Love in every single picture…

  2. The individuality of each child is magnificent. A world of feeling in each moment captured. And the shower of light through the magnolia … stunning.
    Great congratulations to the Marshalls on the birth of their daughter! And to T and K on being big sibs!

  3. Suzanne said:

    Yes….so much love and life in all of these photos….wonderful.

  4. These pictures take my breath away. Especially the little love with her stuffed sheep. Put a big smile on my face!

  5. Love the entries this week – so much talent here!

  6. Bea said:

    Beautiful and inspiring photos – all of them! Special congratulations Ryan and Cole on the new arrival – Tessa’s face… gorgeous capture.

  7. Natane said:

    Congratulations Ryan and Cole on your new addition! All the best!

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