1. lu said:

    i love the tones this week! it’s definitely spring in the north hemisphere :)

  2. one of the best weeks yet. yup, spring is finally here

  3. analaila said:

    you guys never disappoint, I love it!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jodie said:

    I got to the end and had to start all over again! So much beauty.

  5. So crisp & clean. Very spring. Love this entire post.

  6. ketti said:

    Man, I love looking at these. Beautiful!

  7. Suzanne said:

    This week is absolutely special all the way around…..

  8. Sarah Kivell said:

    Breath-taking as always!

  9. kirstin said:

    So many beautiful pinks. And always the sweet eyelashes. Always.

  10. larkin said:

    Beautiful. What equipment are you using?

  11. Shaleesa Mize said:

    i love the whole concept of this blog. pictures are always so precious and make me smile!

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