Week 16

52 Week Blog-60image-2RConwayYAMW16YAMW16iftarawhitney_yamw16kdimoffphotography yamw16-2fiona_ball_2kgerhard-yamw-1624340018_MG_5086RyanMarshall-YOUAREMYWILD-WEEK16-V2klodjana_dervishi_MG_5903CJ, dad's work, skippingIMG_9138

  1. rosedangelodesigns said:

    These photos get better and better every week!!! Keep ’em comin’!!!!

  2. When you open your reader and these are the first images to greet your day? OH!! Golden …

  3. kristin said:

    gorgeous. i want to live in each one of these photos.

  4. alana said:

    beautiful, beautiful! i love each of these. such a great project.

  5. loopyg said:

    These are so, so beautiful and inspirational. I’m taking part in the che and fidel 52 project and am learning a lot from the other contributors. These are all awe inspiring. X

  6. gorgeous project. i am loving following. thank you!

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