Week 17

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  1. alana said:

    i just love these and this project!

  2. rosedangelodesigns said:

    So very beautiful–as usual!!

  3. Sheila said:

    This might be my favorite one yet. Between the little kids kissing in the kitchen, and the giant turkey leg, I’m a goner :)

  4. Jen said:

    The child in the back of the car with arms out—heavenly–summer in a photo.

  5. i look so forward to this every week-thank you for sharing your beautiful hearts ladies!!!

  6. Carrie said:

    I appreciate that your child-subjects are different ages and stages. Maybe it’s because my kids are exiting babyhood and heading toward adolescence — I really love the photos of the older children, as their individuality asserts itself more fully.

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