Week 19

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Oklahoma, our thoughts are with you.

To help, text the Red Cross at 90999 to donate $10 or visit RedCross.org 

  1. alana said:

    all of these are wonderful! i esp like the first and fourth images.

  2. rosedangelodesigns said:


  3. Mary said:

    I love the fifth one down – looks like he’s lost in thought!

  4. Can I ask what happened to Ryan Marshall? Did he not participate this week? I noticed he and Cole have deleted their Instagrams as well.
    Followed Pacing the Panic Room while it was around and love their cute little family :)

    • christina said:

      I was wondering the same. Hope all is OK with them.

    • Orangepekoe said:

      I also came here to ask this. Hoping all is well with them. Tell them their internet friends are worried.

  5. Just found your lovely blog. Anyone who captures the lives of their family members as they develop an grow is a hero in my book, but you guys are doing it in style! Beautiful photos, better memories. Helen, Founder of http://www.saveeverystep.com

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