Week 20

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  1. Another great selection of images this week!!
    Love love.

  2. rosedangelodesigns said:

    Great, as usual.

  3. Katy R said:

    Every week I see one image I want to comment on, but then I realize that the next (and the next and the next) are so beautiful also. Such a staggering amount of talent and beauty here.

  4. Jen said:


  5. Gary Amberths said:

    Lovely scenes about a life and common, but special moments. It would be great to know a little more about each of you and at the same time of photography itself.

  6. TIffany said:

    Each one tells such a different, wonderful story! Love them all!
    ps. … I miss your unique perspective and inspiring photos on IG, Ryan

    • Taylor said:

      I agree, Tiffany. Was worried when it was gone all of a sudden and hope all is well.

    • Ashley said:

      Same! I was pretty sad when I realized both Ryan’s and Cole’s IG accounts were gone. Hope all is well with the Marshalls and I’m glad we still have this site to see his talent.

  7. bobbie said:


  8. I follow you on Instragram and just love the pictures of your little. Your photography is wonderful.

  9. Ashley said:

    These are so lovely. Tuesday is my favorite day of the week :)

  10. Gorgeous :) I love 3,4 and 12 the best.

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