Week 27

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  1. jessica said:

    gosh I wish I could take photos like you do.

  2. Your photographs are amazing week by week, so congrats! I especially like the girl with missing tooth (:

  3. Marcy said:

    Oh man. The batman photo. So amazing.

  4. I love them, thanks for sharing with us the way you see your kids, with so many tales of summer and so much love in each take.

  5. Every week I look at these posts and am truly inspired. Such great work! I can’t wait until my little one is big enough for us to take such interesting and amazing photos.

  6. Megan said:

    loving the inspiration. reminds me to get different points-of-view.

  7. always love seeing there is a new post up – batman and the flippers are my faves this week but all lovely!

  8. Helena Khosh said:

    I miss Ryan’s photos on Instagram. He is incredible, Tessa as Batman, amazing

    • Kat said:

      Me too. I miss Tessa’s adventures and LB’s smile.

      • Jackson said:

        Me three. Every now and again I poke around to see if he’s posting somewhere again.

  9. Jen said:

    oh the windblown hair shot…gorgy! Summa!

  10. Aslyn said:

    These are so incredible and fabulous. One of my favorite weeks.

  11. lee said:

    love the flippers….and batman. and i too miss ryan and his lovely perspective on instagram. we think about your family often and hope all is well. i love tuesdays.

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