Week 29

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  1. Love!! I look forward to this every week!!

  2. Jelena said:

    Oh my, Ryan Marshall you sure are missed, I just remembered photo of Tessa with the mermaid tale made of blanket, and smile came to my face ;). I miss your presence online and seeing your bellyful photos and family so much!

  3. I feel drawn into a contemplative silence in each photo. They’re spectacular this week! The tilt of a head, the nape of a neck, the crook of an elbow, a soft, easy smile, eyes alight with stories to tell … elements that hold such beauty. Thank you.

  4. Love so many of these kids personally, and the rest I’m just loving getting to see each week. Hope to see that sweet babe heal soon, Becky, sending extra big loves and virtual hugs your way. Hearts, PQ

  5. Stunningly beautiful photos. Such a delight to see. Jean

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