Week 31

wild--31.2-1YAMWisa31RyanMarshall-YAMW-WEEK31conwayyamw31kgerhard-yamw-31-1photo-16IMG_5591photo-15klodjana_dervishi_17670009standing2_MG_0246kdimoffphotography yamw3152 Week Blog-84

  1. lovely as always. My favourites this week – the gym and the ice cream. The ice cream is just GORGEOUS!

  2. I am a new reader and am really enjoying how quiet and beautiful it always is here. a bit magical…
    The basset hound shot is my favorite;)

  3. Suzanne said:

    best wishes to the wee babe…..

  4. Liz Dimoff said:

    Those knees…so sweet!

  5. Kayleigh said:

    Love the ice-cream shot!

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