Week 34

RConwayYAMW34 kgerhard-yamw-34-1 image-9 _MG_0879 minecraft kdimoffphotography yamw34 klodjana_dervishi_MG_6246 IMG_6966 52 Week Blog-92 YAMW image RyanMarshall-YOUAREM#D3B7A2 YAMWbdaypic tarawhitney_yamw34

  1. why do you make it so hard for me to choose favourites!? This week I have narrowed it to the kiss, the cardboard head and the first portrait. All beautiful though

  2. apologies for my ignorance – i only just read the “about” for this blog to discover there are 14 of you taking these photos! I guess you each contribute one – which makes me feel a little better that one person hasn’t accomplished all this each week! They are all wonderful photos and its a great project

  3. great set of images. I especially like your post processing technique on the colour photos.

  4. this collection is by far my favorite ‘you are my wild’ – just gorgeous, stirring images. i’d love to be a part of this beautiful work in the future!!

  5. Nette said:

    Tessa always make me smile

  6. Alicia said:

    Oh goodness! That first one is so inspiring to me. I love the gritty black and whites, gorgeous!

  7. I adore all the photos above, each one tells such a story.

  8. Jenkins said:

    I love all photos, couse i can’t pick one! <3

  9. janel said:

    Your blog is one of the very best parts of my week….I SO enjoy the hard work, the skill and talent, and the beautiful beauty of every photography. Thank you for continuing and sharing your talents and your loves.

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