Week 36

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  1. Aslyn said:

    Amazing photos once again! This is one of the greatest photo projects ever.

  2. This blog reminds me of what life is worth. Thank you for your great inspiration!

  3. you have all com up with some great photos again – LOVE the one with the baby’s eyes as he is being cuddled!

  4. I love your images every single week! I am constantly inspired by your blog and love this project. I love to see how each of you capture your own moments and children. So differently, and each so beautifully! I have to tell you that you have inspired me to start a project with some of my own photog friends… Thanks! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your next post :)

  5. Alicia said:

    Wow! The little boy spraying his sister(?) with water is amazing! Love how the mist is captured in the image and the blurriness of most of the image in contrast to the sharpness of the little boy. Great picture!

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