Week 37

tarawhitney_yamw37 shake3 image-1 Apple Picking 2013 FB-10 kdimoffphotography yamw37 conwayweek37 IMG_8602 yamw 37 RyanMarshall-YOUAREM#D5CD27 _MG_1799 wild --38-1 klodjana_dervishi_10110011 kgerhard-yamw-37-1

  1. Every week I look forward to these updates. They always provide such great inspiration.

  2. Jessica said:

    Wow! What kind of camera do you use?

  3. Aslyn said:

    Another amazing week.

  4. Taylor said:

    These are all amazing! I sure miss seeing more of Ryan Marshall now that his blog and Instagram have been removed.

    • Carrie said:

      I miss seeing Ryan’s photos too! Come back Ryan… you are so good at capturing people and writing about your life. I have yet to find a blog to fill the hole you made when you left the blogging world ;)

      • Ryan said:

        I appreciate the nice words. Blogging days are long gone :) I am enjoying the privacy a bunch. I keep tinkering around with personal projects that don’t involve my family, but keep getting sucked into other work. So who knows, but I did want to jump in here and say hello, and to thank you for the encouraging words.

  5. Sirena said:

    Such beautiful pics! Taking pics of my own six month old son fills my days now and I have a new appreciation for this work :-) I too miss Ryan’s blog and was so happy to see the pic of Tessa T. Guys, don’t know if you’ll want to answer, but what’s the setting of the city behind Tessa, the hilly city pic? Love it, and would love to know where it is!!

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